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, Marvel dominated the comic book industr▓y for decades. However, with the rapid development o▓f media such as t

elevision and movies, people gradually lost interest in comics, for Marvel, falling sales was discouraging and debt was a matter of concern. ▓;Marvel, however, was well aware of the problems it faced. The shift in the direction of consumer entertainment had led to a decline in comic book sales, but the company recognized that new entertai▓nment products were badly needed. Consequently, Marvel has begun a renaissance.Giving rights of the comics to film companiesMarve▓l Films was founded in the 1990s, so as to give Mar

vel’s rights to film companies instead of making their own films. "X

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▓-Men"'s rights were sold to the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, "Blade" to New Line Cinema, and "▓Spider-M

an" to Sony Corporation.But for Marvel Films, t▓here was no control over th

s, sometimes bec

e movies that were licensed.&n▓bsp;Avi Arad, the former chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, said th

at products such ▓as "Erica" failed because the company had ▓no access to

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worthy of reference.Build IP systematically. At the beginning of setting up ▓IP, Marvel created a huge network of characters and complicated storylines.Marvel has a whole set of operational ideas about the IP value chain, giving the characters or stories a full extension. It’s easy to see that the purpose of the layout of Marvel series of films is very obvious, and each film serves the whole frame.The Marvel Cinematic Unive

te personalities. Like Wang Yan said, sh

rse usually includes post-c▓redits scenes as a teaser for the next Marvel story. For example, in the post-credits scenes of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in 201▓5, Thanos wears his gauntlets and says “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” thus setting up the▓ir next release, 2018’s "Infinity War". Such post-credits enrich the viewers’ understandin▓g of characters and stories.Why not try sett▓ing up Chinese systemat

e lik▓es James Rodriguez not on

ic IP? Undoubtedly, almost everyone in China has heard the story of "Journey to the West". One of the most famous characters, the Monkey King, is a worthy Chinese superhero, and there are many other interesting char▓acters not only in the Journey to the West ▓but in other works like "The Legend of Deification", a wonderful Mythology in China as well. Although these are not comics, they are as operation

ly because he has a lot▓ of

al as comics.Nevertheless, there are only everlasting remakes of such rare super IP, without universe interactions like Marvel Cinematic Universe. Probab▓ly through the character of Monkey King, we can build a worldview with Oriental characteristics and create a Chinese universe. On this basis, various characters’ story branches are developed to fill the story of this IP.As each bran▓ch matur

es, through the interplay of each branch, it is pos▓sible to build a world that rivals the Marvel universe and create Chinese superhero stories.Please scan t

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fter wins, or even losses, which makes▓ her think he’

06-11-2018 14:01 BJTSaizi lives in a small village in northern Beijing with her parents and two dogs. They used to ▓live in the maddening city center, but a▓fter Saizi's parents retired, they moved to the cou

18 Aug

s a sensitive guy and ▓very cute. So this year she will support his country, Colom▓b

ntryside. Saizi quit her job in the city and followed them there.The family works in the fields to plant vegetables and fruit trees. They are self-sufficient, and one principle they hold firmly is to wast▓e no

31 Dec

ia. No matter where they choose to watch the games an

thing.According to Saizi, this means t▓aking just enough for one's needs and avoidi▓ng extravagance, sorting the inevitable tras▓h, recycling and reusing everything they ca▓n.ZERO-WASTE FAMILYSaizi's father alway

d  which team they think is t

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example, her mother would cut open the toothpaste tube to make sur▓e that all of the toothpaste was used.Another fami▓ly tradition is using

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their creativity and skills

to ▓turn used items into something new. For e

xample, after recycling the tubes, the tooth

paste's cap becomes a tiny little flower pot to decora

te th▓e house. Or when their electric fan -- which ca

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